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EPI-KIT is designed for advanced analysis and processing of raw magnetotelluric (MT) and controlled-source electromagnetic (CSEM) data. The implemented algorithms are thoroughly tested and kept up to date, which ensures high quality and reliability of the obtained results. In the MT method workflow EPI-KIT is applied at the very first stage, before using the quality control (QC-QA), postprocessing (MT-Corrector) and interpretation (IPI2win or Inversio) programs:

Key EPI-KIT features:

  • Flexible processing algorithm with designated approaches to calculation of the impedance, tipper, magnetic and telluric tensors [Epishkin, 2016]
  • Visualization of the MT and CSEM survey sites with recorded data using the mapping services of Google, Bing, etc.
  • Support of the multi-core processing and CUDA technology for calculation of the signal spectra
  • Built-in options of time series visualization and analysis, quality control of the processing results
  • Background calculation mode, which allows working with the software during data processing
  • Intelligent system of automatic channel configuration based on the MT record quality analysis
  • Consecutive execution of the listed tasks, which makes processing of large data sets easier
  • Support of the data formats employed by Nord-West, Phoenix, Metronix, LEMI, etc.
  • Fast and convenient reprocessing algorithm for large sets of old legacy data
More information about EPI-KIT could be found here