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QC-QA is designed for fieldwork reporting and automatic assessment of the acquired magnetotelluric (MT) data quality. It is primarily intended for field managers and supervisors of large commerical MT projects, however it may also be a convenient tool for field operators as well. The implemented algorithms are thoroughly tested and kept up to date, which ensures high quality and reliability of the obtained results. In the MT method workflow QC-QA is applied after data processing (EPI-KIT) but before postprocessing (MT-Corrector) and interpretation (IPI2win or Inversio) programs:

Key features:

  • Project and actual MT survey sites visualization using the mapping services of Google, Bing, etc.
  • Automatic quality assessment of any measured MT impedance function and its components
  • Building a quality distribution histogram among all MT records in the project
  • Preparation of reports, catalogs and tables with detailed information
  • Export of MT curves, reports and tables into PDF and CSV files
  • Convenient data transferring to and from MT-Corrector
  • Support of EDI (SEG) and MT* (Phoenix) data formats
More information about QC-QA could be found here