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MT-Corrector is a powerful tool for visualization, editing and postprocessing of the magnetotelluric (MT) data, perfectly suited for geophysicists working with large MT data sets. The implemented algorithms are thoroughly tested and kept up to date, which ensures high quality and reliability of the obtained results. In the MT method workflow this software is applied after the data processing (EPI-KIT) and quality control (QC-QA), but before interpretation (IPI2win or Inversio) software:

Key features:

  • Support of the impedance tensor, Wiese-Parkinson matrix (tipper), horizontal magnetic and telluric tensors
  • Visualization, editing and smoothing of the processed MT curves with the help of cubic spline regression
  • Identification of biased sections of MT curves using the dispersion relations [Zorin et al., 2020]
  • Static shift correction of the MT curves based on the TDEM data
  • Working with various data formats

More information about MT-Corrector could be found here